Scream and Soaked

Day two was another hangout day with my uncle and cousin and was whisked away to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Now, here’s the interesting thing about me and roller coasters.  I’m a fan of roller coasters, I love the engineering behind them, but I don’t always like to ride them. =/  Now I’ve ridden every coaster at Disney World, including Rock n’ Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest and loved them.  But, I have to work myself up before I can ride them.  Build up the adrenaline until I’m craving bigger and faster thrills.  So the plan was for me to ride everything else until I was ready for the coasters.


This coaster is called Roar.  I let my cousin have this one.

This coaster is called Roar. I let my cousin have this one.


Unfortunately, by the time I worked myself up to where I was confident enough to ride one without unspeakable things filling my pants, I was hit with a rather nasty headache.  Not sure what it was, but I decided with still four more days on this trip including Napa and San Francisco, I decided it would be best if I sat those out.  Luckily my cousin had a blast on all of them.  But fear not, because there were still several rides I had a fun time on, even one of the smaller coasters and was soaked to the bone on the water rides.


SkyScreamer spins you at 150 feet off the ground.

SkyScreamer spins you at 150 feet off the ground.


Yes, you WILL get drenched.

Yes, you WILL get drenched.


They have elephants!

They have elephants!


...and dolphins.

…and dolphins.




THe shark tunnel.

The shark tunnel.




Tomorrow is what I’m really looking forward to.  Napa valley wine tasting!  What better way for a relaxing vacation to burn off the stress from work than exploring the wine country, right?   Got a nice big list of various wineries and will be sure to swing by the visitor center.  Sterling Vineyards is a definite visit and a few new ones to try as well.  I’ve been to both Napa and Sonoma valleys before, but this will be my first time “unchaperoned”, so being able to discover new wineries will be a real treat.  But more importantly, this will be a chance to put my camera equipment to some real use.  I’m going to practice with some HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting tonight and get a few HDR shots, along with some good quality wine country worthy pictures.  Looking forward to sharing them all with you.






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