Wheels down in Oakland

So this is just a quick little blog I wanted to write during my trip to California for all my Literotica friends.  I wasn’t sure about doing it at first, but figured it would be better to detail my trip without hijacking a forum thread.  Besides, I’ve kind have wanted to do this anyway.  I do want to thank Naoko Smith for the extra…*ahem*….encouragement, to do this blog. 😉  Anyway, onward!DSC_0240

So I flew out of Seattle this in the morning and were wheels down at noon in Oakland.  So far a rather uneventful flight, beautiful view of the fog over the Puget Sound area and a lovely look at San Francisco on the approach in.  There’s always that nagging feeling you get when starting a trip where you say to yourself “what could go wrong?”  We get to the rental car place and found out.  Now granted, when you go with a budget car rental service, you have to lower your expectations.  But you should still have fun, right?  The reservation was for a Hyundai Sonata or similar mid-size car, not a sports car of course, but still a fun car to drive.  The clerk then told us that that the Sonata was not classified as a mid-size, but a full size.  What they had in their mid-sized range were Dodge Avengers and Chrysler 200s.  Ok fine, I’ll settle with that.  I get out to the lot and all the mid-size cars are gone.  The lot attendant tells me to pick out a “standard” car.  The only kind of “standard” car they had was a boring looking Mitsubishi Galant.  You could not find a more boring car than this, no styling, boring interior, nothing.  Again, I know that this was a budget car service but come on!  I’m going to Napa, I should at least have an ounce of fun getting there.  Luckily, working customer service myself, I know a few tricks.  So I huffed and said, “Fine I’ll take this, but I’m never renting from you again.”  The woman comes over to me and says, “Sir, I’ve worked here 18 years and have never let a customer leave unhappy.  Please, wait right here while I’ll go see what I can do.”  Does it make me a horrible person that I smiled as she walked away knowing that my exaggerated outburst would see results?  In about two minutes she came back and pointed to a full-size, black Nissan Altima and said have fun.  We’ll I am a happy customer because this is a good looking car with a “sport shifter” feature that will be so much fun on the backroads of Napa.


Mmm, Jelly Belly.  All the pretty colors. *drool*

Mmm, Jelly Belly. All the pretty colors. *drool*

They look almost too good to eat!  .....Almost.

They look almost too good to eat! …..Almost.

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One Response to Wheels down in Oakland

  1. Naoko Smith says:

    You better be bringing some of that chocolate back to the Naked Party lounge with you! When does the wine drinking start? Not that I’m a lush or anything 😉

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